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الجمعية السعودية للابتكار

Our partners

زد هو خيارك الأمثل في التجارة الالكترونية

Zid facilitates e-commerce operations by offering many features and advantages, including building your e-store and inventory management

Product Care

A Saudi company aims to be a unique product design company by taking care of creative people and helping them to bring their ideas to life and create their prototypes.


A Saudi company specialized in marketing research and data management. DRC serves both public and private sectors with many marketing research and data management products and services. The study reports submitted to clients are also characterized by an advisory prescriptive content for the most important results and recommendations extracted from data analysis


A company specialized in providing online hosting and digital marketing solutions at prices suit startups

sps express

SPS Express was founded in September 1992 and started business in June 1994 with a mission to provide high quality management advisory services in order to help its customers to compete, excel and be the first in Saudi market.


مركز الابتكار للصناعة الرابع هو مركز ابتكار تابع لمدينة الملك عبدالعزيز للعلوم والتقنية يعمل رفع القدرات التصنيعية للشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة والمصانع وتطوير المنتجات والتدريب.


A leading Saudi company offers high-quality legal and training services compatible with Islamic law, through building effective local and international partnerships

It provides specialized IT solutions throughout the Middle East for corporate agencies, organizations and government. With more than 13 years of operation, Clear Vision has expanded its range of solutions and services by including new commercial lines and products for its professional IT services.

The integrated management platform provides electronic services help in planning and monitoring the establishment's financial and administrative performance

Social Energy Partners, an American Company, specialized in energy efficiency and provides turnkey intelligent building technology solutions to optimize building energy efficiency, operational performance and occupant comfort.

A cultural cafe contains many books and magazines in various scientific and cultural fields, serves hot and cold drinks from different cultures and countries

A marketing company interested in creating creative content

A specialized studio, developing creative solutions that help you tell your story through designing, marketing and advertising campaigns

A non-profit organization that aims to promote creativity, innovation, support and grant female and male entrepreneurs in the areas of expertise: education, agricultural technologies, and energy efficiency.

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