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Entrepreneurial Communities

An effective circle through which you will enhance your entrepreneurial project success by meeting your strategic partner, potential customer, service provider, experts, financiers or investors.

Entrepreneurs of Riyadh

  • Increase the level of awareness of the culture of self-employment.
  • Lead your project professionally
  • Improve the capabilities and potential of entrepreneurs
  • Generate ideas using innovative tools and methods
  • Create an opportunity to expand the encyclopedia


  • Find solutions to the challenges of e-commerce.
  • Share knowledge of the latest e-commerce technologies.
  • Raise awareness of e-commerce strategies and their economic role.

Entrepreneurial techniques

  • Explore the latest communication technologies and its applications.
  • Find solutions to the challenges of modern technology.
  • Identify the optimal use of technologies.

Social Entrepreneurship

  • Find solutions to social challenges.
  • Make a positive change to develop people’ lives.
  • Employ financial and human resources to improve the surrounding environment.

Prototypes Design

  • Identify methodologies for prototypes.
  • Access to the latest methods and tools for creating a product or service.
  • Explore criteria for evaluating prototypes.

Entrepreneurial investment

  • Explore innovative investment opportunities
  • Share knowledge of the latest investment laws and procedures
  • Raise awareness of investing in startups
  • Promote a culture of long-term investment

Innovative green projects

  • Promote the growth of innovative green projects
  • Share knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies for eco-friendly products
  • Raise awareness about the green economy
  • Find solutions to local environment challenges

Innovation in government services

  • Share knowledge about the latest innovation methodologies and service design
  • Contribute to the challenges of innovation in government services
  • Encourage people to take the initiative in adopting innovation to support government services

Marketing community

  • Increase awareness of marketing areas
  • Share knowledge to develop marketing skills among entrepreneurs
  • Discuss and search for solutions to marketing challenges locally
  • Increase awareness of the use of marketing techniques and skills