i-be i-be

Invest smartly

When opportunities meet their owners, profits begin.

An investment system that brings together innovative entrepreneurs with investors looking for investment opportunities in the promising start-ups embedded in i-be.
An entrepreneurial-friendly system that provides the right tools for full support and successful investment from smart investors who know what they will get from investing in their opportunities.
Successful investor:
• Utilises promising opportunities
• Knows well what he will get from his investment
• Selects appropriate partners to invest in
• Learns life-long from his investments
• Invests in startups that are interested in detail

And because in i-be opportunities meet their owners
• Ready investment opportunities
• Innovative and sustainable ideas
• Reinvest profits into pioneering opportunities

Stay a step ahead to make profit

Investment platform

A free platform to present entrepreneurial projects to investors

Startup-friendly environment

Possible facilitation tools for support

Examining the work

Tools for reviewing and evaluating startups' business structure

Investment Partners

مجموعة عقال

An endowment organization to link entrepreneurs with individual investors in order to build projects of interest to the economy and society