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Entrepreneurial Initiative

Whatever your interest or project idea, in i-be you'll turn ideas into action.

Since our beginning, we have been striving to launch a successful company in its field every day in line with the vision of the Kingdom 2030 and its objectives which include supporting ambitious youth to launch their own small businesses.

As an entrepreneur, you now have the opportunity to launch your company as fast as you can. Your I-be membership will give you the right to get business models and project implementation plan prepared and elaborated by professionals and business consultants. I-be has strategic partners who provide the full support you need to get started and continue.


  • Lead a successful company
  • Start from where others ended
  • Provide specialists’ guidance
  • Provide lower costs
  • Provide financial returns

With i-be you are ready to go

Corporate accelerators: (i.be upturn)

Corporate Accelerators include accelerators for entrepreneurs in multiple fields and startups waiting to invest and manage them with ready-to-use programs and implementation plans. With i-be you are ready to take the lead in your project.


Managed Cloud Services

I-be is an opportunity in which you do not need to start your project from scratch. In cooperation with 3 local companies, your product is ready to be presented to your customers after you are fully trained on project operation, product management, sale and profit-making.

Details and registration

Innovation Lab

An inspiring facilitator will help you model and build your prototype by:

  • 1.3D printing
  • 2.Tools for prototyping products
  • 3.Equipment for designing and testing smart devices applications
  • 4.Audio-visual equipment

Electronic Innovation Platform

An electronic innovation platform provides you with a cloud-based work environment that enables you to find solutions to the challenges your entrepreneurial project faces. It is a source of enrichment, a tool for managing tasks, stimulating a culture of giving and initiative, creating a more interactive team.

Inspiration for solutions

Share knowledge with others

Stimulate tender and create entrepreneurship

Create an interactive team