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These are promising projects that you need to give them a chance and let us manage it for you professionally, we keep working and submit periodic reports.

Successful Enabler:

  • Utilises promising opportunities
  • Choses appropriate projects to enable them
  • Enables the owners of entrepreneurial ideas who are interested in detail

At i-be, entrepreneurial projects find a way to continue and grow, making them sustainable, whether it be in the field of sustainable energy, education, agriculture, technology, or the field that achieves the entrepreneur passion.

An environment that provides an opportunity to incubate and sponsor entrepreneurial projects, providing full support, whether financial or consulting services from specialists and practitioners in the same field, and linking the projects with the concerned authorities to provide all assistance tools. It is a participatory environment that provide experience in all transactions.

The i-be platform is partnering with many stakeholders to guide you towards success and sustainability

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Enablement Partners

A non-profit organization that aims to promote creativity, innovation, support and grant female and male entrepreneurs in the areas of expertise: education, agricultural technologies, and energy efficiency.